Bigger is Better!

Have you ever gotten in an argument and stood your ground so much so that it ruined your friendship/relationship? I have. I used to think I was always right, because come on, it’s me, I’m ALWAYS right. Even if there was no research, the logic behind it makes sense, so it must be true!

Sound like you?

I’m an observer, I observe all types of behavior when I hang out with a group of people. As annoying as that sounds, I feel like I’ve learned a lot about socializing and how people (even the best of friends) interact. I often hear people sharing stories about other people, and not about themselves. I also hear people telling “facts” that they:

  1. have no research on
  2. so convincingly share and when questioned, gets defensive
  3. simply passed on from a Facebook post without further research
  4. have heard from other people

I’ve learned that no matter who you talk to, they will stand their ground and convince you that they are certain and correct.

In a world where being strong and maintaining your “reputation” is a lot more important than peace, pride has become such an issue in today’s society. I agree that individuality should be celebrated and respected. However, I feel as though many can’t differentiate between individuality and straight asshole. No, I’m not a sensitive bitch. But I’m sure you’ve been there, you’re innocently talking to someone with more expertise about a certain subject and you say something out of context (to them), instead of enlightening you to build you up, they then start to judge you and think you’re uneducated!

Humans were created with the brain capacity to learn and absorb like a sponge. We might think we know something, but things often change, what was once true, might not be true today. Be the bigger and the better by enlightening someone so they can grow. Take your losses when you should and put away that pride! It is OK to be wrong, often times you learn the most when you’re wrong. I always go back to Fabolous’s song lyric, “It’s okay to lose your pride over someone you love, but don’t lose someone you love over your pride.”

I want to challenge the thought of being “right”, I want to challenge it because we as humans, do not know everything, and we should be supporting each other to learn more to be better.

If everyone understood this and supported each other, I think the world would be a lot more peaceful!

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